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Lewisham is regularly the backdrop to great movies and TV shows. Our locations library is a comprehensive, one-click resource for location managers. Below are some of our brilliant local locations.

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Starring… Lewisham

There have been loads of great TV shows and films shot in Lewisham, since FilmFixer began managing the Lewisham Film Office. Here are some of the highlights.
Unforgotten- series 3
The Pepys estate in Lewisham also lent itself for location filming. The Eddystone tower on the estate played the home of a young internet blogger whose online comments have attracted the attention of police.
Swimming With Men
Longton Avenue plays the family home, where 50 and cast filmed over four days
Save Me
Save me used a number of Lewisham locations in and around Deptford
The Apprentice
Filmed on Molesworth Street and Merchiston Road, May & Sep 2015.
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